Organizational Development Department

The ARCS-OD department as moderator and coordinator of all development affairs is responsible for design, layout and development of plans, regulations and policies of the national society in coordination with other relevant departments. In addition, this department seeks to develop the ARCS management systems, develop the capacities of the branches and HQ staff as well. The organizational development department works in several lines. It mainly has close cooperation with the Youth and Volunteers, HR and Finance, Buildings & Properties and Logistics departments supporting them with the development of their action plans. As well as, the OD department has close relationship with ICRC & IFRC. Along with all mentioned responsibilities, OD is also in line to equip branches and regional offices with new technological facilities. The ARCS-OD has tow following departments: 1. Branches and supportive systems development departments: This department contains branches development, supportive systems & fundraising development, and leadership sections. 2. Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation, Assessment and Reporting Department: The professional staffs in this department are responsible for planning reinforcement/development, reporting and statistics management. In this department, the branches and regional offices’ annual plans are arranged and sent to their relevant sections. In the planning process, all the departments and sections of the ARCS are supported and cooperated by OD department accordingly. In addition to the evaluation on implementing the plans of action, they get preparation for the development of next year’s annual plans for the ARCS-HQ relevant departments, branches and regional offices.


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