Marastoon (The poor house)

Marastoons that are called orphanage and poor houses, till the year 1342 depended and funded by the government, but right now, they are all funded by the Afghan Red Crescent Society through the financial assistance of the benevolent people, businessmen, and sometimes through financial supports of the foreign organizations and NGOs, so and the government doesn’t have any role in their funding. ARCS has 5 active Marstons in Kabul, Kandahar, Heart, Balkh and Nangarhar provinces in which thousands of poor and derelict families are cared and maintained. In the current year (1394), 1000 individuals live in ARCS Marstons. The ARCS has tried to provide facilities on the basis of its possibilities and humanitarian services. Training and education of the poor families’ children living in Marstons is the key importance to ARCS, therefore, there built a high school (ARCS High School0 in Kabul Marston that has been officially recognized by the ministry of education. In addition to applying the government educational curriculum, ARCS school provides some extra facilities such as: running computer, English, religious and Math classes as well. The existence of Library and social behavior courses, pleasure garden, fun toys, and expert teachers are other facilities in Kabul Marston for poor families’ children and except these children living in Marston, ARCS school accepts the external students, but for fee. Families, who live in Marstons for some limited years, learn different professions (tailoring, embroidery, tin manufacturing, painting, clothing needlework (embroidery), carpentry and technician). Special training for blinds and opening bank accounts to some families to save their incomes are also included in ARCS services to the poor families living in Marstons. The target for above trainings and facilities is self-sufficiency and improving the capabilities of families living in Marston for their future. After completion of any professions by families living in Marston, ARCS provides all related professions’ equipments to them in free of charge to use for their future daily incomes out of Marston. When families leave Marston after the completion of their limited living periods in Marston, the next poor and needy families are replaced and benefited from the ARCS services following the same procedures. In addition to the poor families in ARCS Marstons, a number of mental and neurological patients are also cared and maintained in separate location naming ‘Mad Houses’. The basic life facilities including health clinic by 24 hours, food supply (24 hours subsistence), social and health services including health First Aid services, free treatment of the patients in ARCS equipped hospitals are the facilities provided for the Mad Houses individuals. Mental and neurological patients are included men and women that based on ARCS policy and procedure, men with mental and neurological problems are maintained in Kabul Marston and women with mental and neurological problems are maintained in other Marstons.


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