The Legal Department

The department of legal affairs and humanitarian diplomacy in the framework of the Red Crescent has been founded and operated in the fields of implementation of legal affairs and humanitarian diplomacy or accessibilities and immunity of the National Red Crescent employees since 2012. The legal department and diplomacy is responsible for providing and regulating statutes, procedures, policies, contracts, and auditing in removing of administrative disputes and employing the relevant staff and their perspectives. The aim and activity of the legal department for ARCS is to be a legal National Red Crescent which acts as a charity, independent and unbiased organization in human affairs, and as well as, evaluating all the documents of the National Red Crescent legally and enforcement of laws for the effectiveness and ensuring transparency in work plans of the National Red Crescent in accordance with the International Standard Organizations. The legal department has fulfilled the following activities: • Participating in workshops of awareness, appendix implementing the operational plans in Ministry of Justice. • Participating in legislating sessions of justice organs and legislation affairs • Marking the week of constitutional law of the National Red Crescent • Advising on the national policy to the decapitated • Sending the draft of National Red Crescent law to the directorate of institutes of affairs of legislations and academic researches of Ministry of Justice for approval of the authorized department. • Participating in legislation sessions of Ministry of Justice and the legislation committee of the government cabinet. • Sharing ideas of legal sections of the International Red Cross on the legal affairs of the National Red Crescent • The active membership in Procurement Committee of National Red Crescent • The active membership in planning Committee and Strategies of National Red Crescent • Participating in membership session of CIDA protocol, Canadian Red Cross in India


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