Dr. Nilab Mobarez, surgeon and public administrator , is appointed as Secretary General of Afghan Red Crescent Society (ARCS) through election process by ARCS Board of Directors in March 2017. Formerly she served the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) as the National Spokesperson (2007-2015). Dr. Mobarez has diverse professional experience including in the fields of medical, humanitarian affairs, development, and communications with specific focus on Afghanistan. She spent her refugee life time in France before returning back to Afghanistan in November 2001. After graduation from Malalai High School in Kabul, Ms. Mobarez earned her MD from Kabul Medical University in 1984. Later she was awarded by Fulbright scholarship (2014) and earned her MA in Public Administration from Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University, New York in 2016. She also earned certificates of advanced studies in Conflict Resolution and in Leadership of International and Nonprofit Organizations at the same university. Dr. Mobarez spent over twenty years with patients as a surgeon and with Kabul Medical University as an associate professor. In an administrative role, she also served as the CEO of French NGO to build a teaching hospital for Pediatric Surgery in Kabul. Dr. Mobarez is the founder and/or board member of multiple nonprofit organizations. She was amongst three female candidates at the first Afghan Presidential Elections in 2004 and member of the Loya Jirga in 2014. Dr. Mobarez is co- author of three books (Femmes Afghanes and Expedition Paris-Kabul by Ed. Hoëbeke and Afghanistan, La Mémoire Retrouvée by Ed. Milles et Une Nuits). She also wrote articles on medical and on Afghanistan issues. She is fluent in Dari, Pashto, French and English

Dr. Wais Akram son of Eng. Mohammad Akram was born in 09/07/1958 in Kabul province. He has completed his primary school in Kabul, Afghanistan and Beirut, Lebanon and finished his secondary school in Afghan Istiqlal High School in 1977. In 1977, after he succeeded to pass Nangarhar province medical university exam, he initiated his study in the medical university, but later on he gained a scholarship in French State Diploma of Physiotherapy. Consequently, he achieved master degree in physiotherapy in 1986. Dr. Mirwaise Akram has worked with following international and national NGO: 1. Humanitarian Missions with Medecin Du Monde (MDM) in Afghanistan and Peshawar. July 1986-June 1987. In this period, he participated in 3 humanitarian missions in Afghanistan and one in Peshawar-Pakistan in collaboration with the Afghan Resistance Duties included medical evaluation mission, coordination of vaccination campaigns, and rehabilitation of war victims in Kunar province and in the Afghan Refugee Camp in Peshawar. 2. Physiotherapist in CRA (Prosthetic and Rehabilitation Center) in Paris, France. 1994-1995 In this period, he has worked in all aspects of the rehabilitation of amputees and fabrication of different type of prostheses including preparation of amputees for the French National Paralympics Games. 3. Expatriate physiotherapist in Peshawar in Pakistan and Afghanistan with Sandy Gall’s. September 1995-June 1997 Dr. Wais Akram’s major role was to: • Establish the SGAA center in Kabul that was opened in October 1996 • Refurbish and establish workshops • Relocate technical equipment and staff • Collaborate NGO Motivation in the development of Afghan Wheelchair Adapted for Afghanistan. 4. Deputy field director as expatriate physiotherapist, Sandy Gall’s Afghanistan Appeal, Kabul, SGAA July 1997- August 1998 Dr. Wais Akram’s duties included: • Supervision and communication as field manager • Support and train local teams and • Communication with local authorities. In addition he was participating in inter disciplinary mixed and expatiate and national staff management team, involving in coordination and collaboration with agencies and NGO’s in related sectors and organizing and implanting and supervising rehabilitation services at SGAA center in Kabul. 5. In charge of Sandy Gall. July 1997-August 1998 6. Private Partner Practice Physiotherapist in France, Paris. August 1998-September 2006 He was providing detailed treatment plans to compensable agencies including the public health insurers, private health insurers, workers compensation, veteran and defense insurers, 7. Handicap International Organization in Kabul and Physiotherapy Institute of Kabul. December 2006-October 2008 In this period he was working in the fallowing fields; • Physiotherapy upgrading program, • A joint and multi-stakeholder curriculum with the Ministry of Public Health • International Committee of red Cross • Swedish Committee for Afghanistan • Handicap International • Physiotherapy Institute of Kabul In addition he was clinic supervisor, translator of physiotherapy notes, advisor of physical therapy institute of Kabul (Assistance and translation of documents for visiting lecturers) Assisting physiotherapists (PTI) in the clinical works, lecture plans and class room teaching. Assisting PTI project proposal for PTI expansion with Minister of Public Health request. 8. Afghan Red Crescent Society (ARCS) Head of Advisors. November 2008-March 2009 9. Head of International Relation Department of ARCS. March 2009-Febraury 2010 He was delivering reports and messages to provincial offices, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and other 184 National Societies. 10. Strategic Relation Director of Ministry of Finance’s Policy Deputy. October 2010-March 2011 11. Private Physiotherapist in Paris, France. October 2012-July 2013 12. Dr. Wais Akram has participated in Marathons in New York, Paris and Melbourne as well. 13. Dr. Akram speaks perfect French, English, Persian, Pashto, and Arabic languages.

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